DigDoc is a tool that allows you to easily create a catalog of digital data.

Nowadays, storing and archiving digital data in the cloud or on a web server is the mainstream, but there are some problems such as cumbersome data registration and management, high server management costs, and a severely restricted viewing environment because the data can only be viewed on a web browser. In particular, when creating content, existing data is frequently processed and used, and the data has to be downloaded and uploaded each time, which places a heavy burden on the operator.

DigDoc was developed to solve these problems by making it possible to easily search and view existing data without the need for a special web server or database server.

Once you can catalog your data, you can use features like search and tags to quickly find the data you need.

Display thumbnails of images and movies at high speed and perform operations without stress.

Users can also specify their own file thumbnails, so you can add thumbnails to data other than images that are cropped out of the movie.

Easy operation
Browse directly to an existing local or shared folder.
You don’t need to set up a special server or register your data in a content management system.

Supports a variety of supported file formats
Easy integration with other applications
Supports many image file formats
*Few software supports HDR formats, such as OpenEXR
*In addition to automatically generating thumbnails, users can specify thumbnails later

Supported File Formats :

  • [still image] jpg, psd, png, exr, bmp, nef, ico, im, pcx, ppm, sgi, tga, xbm, dds, etc.
  • [RAW format] 3fr, cr2, dng, erf, mef, nef, etc.  
  • [VIDEO] mp4, mov, mpg, mkv, avi, flv, gif, ogg, etc.

Lightweight, fast, hassle-free data search and cataloguing.