This tool is primarily designed for sharing digital data within small teams of a few to a dozen people.

It makes it easier to find data that isn’t well organized.
Once your data is organized, you can share it with your team and search by file name, date modified, and tags.

Create and display thumbnails of images and movies at high speed and perform operations without stress.

Thumbnails can be created automatically or by the user, so you can add thumbnails to data other than images that are cropped out of the movie.

Comfortably share large amounts of digital data with multiple people

Easy to organize
Browse directly to an existing local or shared folder.
You don’t need any special treatment.

Faster operation
Quickly find and share without building a server.

Advanced feature
You can also share tag and metadata information.

Supports a variety of supported file formats
Easy integration with other applications
Supports many image file formats
*Few software supports HDR formats, such as OpenEXR
*In addition to automatically generating thumbnails, users can specify thumbnails later

Supported File Formats :

[still image] jpg, psd, png, exr, bmp, nef, ico, im, pcx, ppm, sgi, tga, xbm, dds, etc.
[VIDEO] mp4, mov, mpg, avi, flv, gif, etc.

Lightweight, fast, hassle-free data search and sharing